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When you think of Instagram influencers, likely the first people that come to mind are the mega-viral stars like the Kardashians or Lebron James. But for this blog, we aren't talking about this two-million-plus-followers accounts. Instead, you should think about working with microinfluencers to advance your brand. What are microinfluncers? Microinfluencers are smaller (typically under 25k followers), niche-based influencers with an active and engaged audience of followers. If you're working on building brand engagement and want to find a spokesperson that your...

If you want to find new customers, increase your rankings on Google, and grow your business, content marketing should be your focus. When you create great content and find ways to get it in front of your audience, you're going to see results. Increase the quality of your content strategy with these four techniques. 1. Drive Engagement A post that encourages discussion will drive comments or shares from your audience. Crafting content that is thought-provoking helps drive these actions. Try the following: ...