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It might seem like social media has replaced email as the most effective marketing strategy in the digital age. But this is not true! Email is still extremely influential in driving sales and keeping customers engaged. And when paired with social media, you get even more bang for your buck.   1. Drives Traffic When you add a new post or video to your social media pages, it's important that it gets a lot of views or engagement soon after its posted. In your...

Unfortunately, Facebook has increasingly become a "pay-to-play" platform. If you want to reach new customers (or even all of your existing followers), you'll need to use their paid advertising tools. (Luckily, it's a pretty robust tool that lets you narrow down exactly who you want to reach.) But what about those organic posts? Or even regular posts that you're planning on boosting to reach more of your clients? You might feel your current social strategy isn't resulting in any clicks, likes,...