Have you gotten on the podcast train? Podcasts have become one of the fastest growing media platforms in recent years, and its easy to see why. You can turn any extra time – while commuting, while cleaning, or while exercising  – into a chance to learn something new. While podcasts of course come in any topic or form you can imagine, we particularly like those that are geared toward business, marketing, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

If you’re looking to add some new shows to your podcast lineup, consider our picks for top podcasts for small business owners.

Business & Entrepreneurship

Planet Money – Get unique takes on the latest economic news from this top NPR podcast. They turn complicated topics into digestible soundbites, and you never know what insights could help you with your business.

How I Built This –  Learn from those who came before you with another NPR podcast, hosted by Guy Raz. He interviews entrepreneurs who’ve created some of the world’s largest companies, including DoorDash, WeWork, Flickr, Lululemon, and Lyft, to name a few. These informative interviews shed insights into the process taken by other successful business owners – especially how they overcame challenges.

The Tim Ferriss Show – Tim has interviewed everyone from athletes to politicians to CEOs to actors to everything in between, and gets them to reveal their habits and secrets to success. There’s a reason The Tim Ferriss Show constantly shows up as a top business podcast – it’s entertaining, inspiring, and you’ll learn a ton.


Lead to Win – Host Michael Hyatt shares a weekly episode dedicated to leadership lessons for lasting success. Find tips both big and small on workplace management advice on growing your business.

The Look and Sound of Leadership – Discover practical leadership tips for the workplace to help you become a better manager. No matter if your team is 2 people or 20, you’ll find advice that’s actionable and will help you lead your team more effectively.


The Fizzle Show – This isn’t your average marketing podcast. Geared specifically toward online small business professionals, the podcast offers tips on building your audience, convincing new customers to purchase your services, and how to connect with your target market.

Marketing Over Coffee – Looking for a grab bag of marketing tips and updates on the latest trends? Look no further. Marketing Over Coffee releases weekly episodes sharing the latest news in the marketing world. If marketing feels like a complicated new world, listening to this podcast might help you understand the steps you can take.

Social Media Marketing – Brush up on your social media knowledge by learning how successful businesses harness this online tool, then collect new tips and strategies to improve your own presence. Both beginners and experienced social media users can find helpful advice from this podcast.

Which podcast are you most interested in checking out? If we missed one of your favorites, let us know in the comments! Try taking advantage of extra time in your day that you might spend scrolling through your phone, and instead learn a new marketing tip or get inspired about your business.