The first thing you need to do is know your process, have a great team, and ensure your product is viable. Once you are sure of this, you are now ready to start building your agency.

Ensure you have a website, do not seek perfection right away – instead get a solid functional website going and improve over time.

Next, do your own seo. People will often check your website, code, and seo before hiring you (assuming you dont have use cases, references, etc).

Now you are ready to get going. Next, know your potential clients. I find this to be key to the longevity of your agency. Therefore, I have listed out below the typical types of clients to help guide you through the jungle of sales. But before you do, know your price and stick to it no matter the type of client.

Four Typical Types of SEO Clients

Even Steven

Has a holistic constant digital marketing strategy. Properly trained, thorough, and they will most likely look for and review your contract and terms. These are the long term clients that carry your agency through.


Early Adopter

Spends the extra money to be in the know of the latest seo trends and techniques. Love these clients but be aware that they know almost as much as you and if you slack, they may seek other agencies.

Deal Drifter

People looking for a stellar deal, sometimes at the expense of the marketer. A good marketing plan takes time to properly work, unless you have a bottomless wallet book, so beware of clients pogo sticking around agencies. Always charge what you are worth and have a solid contract.


Past Due

Those who either waited or just learned about the need for a holistic marketing plan that includes seo. Looking for now results with usually unrealistic expectations. Therefore set proper expectations in the beginning and use benchmarks to show progress.

You will go through many clients before you reach success as you learn to communicate, properly sell, properly sign and sell longer term contracts and other areas of the process. The last bit of advice I will provide, if do not give up. The only way to success is through failure, but be open to change as the market moves quickly. If you are a digital marketing agency looking to expand into SEO, give us a call. We white label our services to your clients so you can sit back and enjoy. Happy Marketing!