So you’ve got a strong website, you’re posting to social, you’re good to go.

But when was the last time you took a good look at your Facebook page? Meaning every, single, part.

The images

The information

The feed

Your message response time?

All of aspects play a major role in how you are perceived by a potential new customer or contact. It’s extremely important to make sure that every aspect of your page is up to the same standards as other aspects of your business. Let’s walk through each part of your page that might need some upkeep.

Profile Picture + Cover Image

Are they blurry? Referencing an outdated event? Using an old logo? No longer the right size? It’s time to add new, high-quality images that echo the experience one has on your website.

Make sure your profile picture can be easily seen and understood even when it’s just a small icon next to your posts on someone’s feed. If you use a lot of text, most people will not be able to read it when they first see it.

Avoid using stock imagery in your cover image or profile picture. This is prime real estate to show who you are as a business – not the people on Shutterstock.

About and Other Information

Head over to the “About” tab. Make sure every section is filled out using your latest brand language, your most updated contact information, and everything else you want a potential new customer to see. You don’t need to write a novel, but be thorough and give someone a snapshot of who you are and what you offer.

Make sure all this information looks good on the main page as well, that nothing is cut off or missing. If you’re unsure, click the option at the top to view your page as a visitor, not yourself, so you can make sure nothing’s missing.

Comments & Response Time

Did you know that visitors to your Facebook page can see your response time to Inbox messages? Even if they aren’t interested in messaging you that way, seeing that you are a poor responder is not going to help that first impression. Go through and respond to any relevant Facebook messages, and get a plan in place to ensure every message is replied to within 24-48 (even sooner is better!).

Also, look for any dangling comments on old posts. Comments that you haven’t responded to make it seem like you’ve abandoned this community. Go through and like and respond to any comments, and delete any spam comments. Even negative sentiments should be responded to and dealt with.

Old Posts

Sometimes, old posts turn broken. Images are missing, links are broken, or spelling errors still creep on your page. Do a deep dive on all the posts a visitor would reasonably look at – maybe your last 50 posts, and make sure everything looks alright. If you can’t edit and repair it, consider deleting it. You have the power to curate this feed so it looks its best, so take advantage of that opportunity.

Your Facebook page is a free piece of real estate where you can put your brand in front of potential new clients. Take the time to make it look as great as possible!