For all those 8-to-5ers, office workers, Monday through Friday grinder workers – don’t forget to take care of yourself! Self care should be more important that work – yes, yes I know that is easy to say and nearly impossible to implement. As I have grown older and spend 100+ work weeks to meet deadlines, I have learned that there are more important things. When push comes to shove over-working for short periods of times is acceptable and necessary at times but not to be sustained. This article is not about a work life balance, instead it is about some little things you can do to enjoy wherever you are at in your life or career to make things a little more bearable.

Over simplify your passion

  • Oversimplify your passion or hobbies, and find something you can do for 15 minutes each day towards that hobby or passion. For me, I play video games and love cycling (mountain, street, beach, etc). I will stop and play a quick game on my Xbox One X during lunch or before work for a quick game.
  • Target something you want and schedule time each week towards it. Do you want to buy a house, get in shape, or earn another degree? If you want to buy a house, even on small budgets, start the planning now. Look at your credit score and grow that, specifically ask a broker what is needed on a credit score to qualify based on your situation, open a savings account and every weekend add all your spare change, you get the point. Dedicated one hour a week towards a target.

Target something you want

Push yourself

  • Push yourself. Are you in poverty, poor health, sad, depressed, lonely – we all have these issues at some point in our life span. The question is what are you doing today to address those issues? If your current job doesnt help you get out of poverty (now or over time), start planning your exit. If you are sad, depressed or lonely know you are not alone and you have the power to change that by seeking friends, volunteering, or getting help from a mental health professional. Whatever it is, push yourself to get out there and make a change.

Here at Got.Media, my goal is to reward our employees and contractors any way we can. But most importantly, we want them to be happy and satisfied just like our clients. We will be rewarding all employees with bonuses, raises, and evaluations for certificates, CES, and newly obtained degrees. We offer a flexible schedule to work around the ups and downs of life (cars break down, doctors visits are needed, kids get sick). And most importantly, we want everyone to have fun. We work hard for our clients and we achieve results, but only because we take care of our employees as family and not objects.


So for everyone out there, enjoy today because it’s Friday. Seize the weekend & please set goals to make an impact in your personal life starting today.


Best Regards,

Jared Benning