Enterprise SEO is all about the careful study of engagement data: marketing trends, data and metric analysis, clicks, likes, keyword effectiveness, and more. It pays for an organization to understand the metrics in regards to how much engagement and traffic their online presence is driving. Understanding the relationship between engagement data and ROI will make an organizations discovery efforts that much more powerful, and using analytics to drive refinements will help guarantee that your online marketing campaigns are always scaling in the right direction.

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There are TONS of ways the discovery and reporting functions of an SEO management solution can positively affect your marketing campaign performance. So many, in fact, that for brevities’ sake we’ll only touch on a few of the most prominent ones, just to give you a scope of what’s available out there.


ESEO experts use platforms, software, and knowhow to extrapolate valuable engagement statistics from the following data sets, then provide actionable advice for your marketing and development teams.


SEO Management – There are a lot of moving pieces shuffling around inside an organization when it comes to SEO Management. Any management solution platform can pull up information and filter it for rankings based on region, mobile data, link management statistics, social statistics, or otherwise.


Competition Analysis – Having access to real-time search and engagement statistics for the top keyword earners will help your organization stack up to its competitors. Business level ESEO platforms provide vibrant and highly visible statistics when it comes to Google search metrics, total search volume, organic competitor reports, and side by side rankings comparisons.


Search Engine Ranking Statistics – Gone are the days of spammy, low-quality link building campaigns that resulted in SERP. Getting recognized by search engine users means walking the fine line between quality and quantity in terms of keyword usage in your SEO campaign. Article or content building campaign mentalities have shifted hard into the white-hat realm, a change proliferated by short and long-tail search phrase statistics.


Google Traffic Analytics – In the modern digital marketing age of mass communication and always-on interconnectivity (WHEW), Google Analytics are the undisputed King of the data management field. Enterprise SEO Google Analytic functions boast some of the most robust traffic discovery features on the planet. Track visitors, new vs. old. Measure how long they stayed and if they converted to a follower or paying customer. Track referrals and keyword traffic statistics. Even compare traffic generated organically versus the percentage generated by paid advertisements. The list goes on and on and includes audience demographic metrics, market performance comparisons, and many more.

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Social Media Impressions – Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube are hotbeds of activity for digital marketers and are great ways to generate both paid and organic ad engagements. Tracking the analytics of your social campaigns will keep your organization up to date on their engagement statistics, and will help your marketing and development teams refine their posts over the course of your campaigns’ life.


Link Management – Backlinking and Link building are important parts of every SEO campaign, so it stands to reason that tracking your link statistics will be of paramount importance! Having all of your link building data readily visible will ensure your links are performing optimally, staying healthy, and that they remain relevant as the scope of your campaign changes or grows.


And more!


The reasons to leverage ESEO for your business or organization are many and varied. While your org may not (yet) be large enough to take full advantage of a platinum tier platform, doing a bit of research and having a comprehensive plan to grow your SEO will still be a huge benefit when it comes to building your engagement.

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