Evergreen content is a blog, video, or white paper that is relevant anytime – regardless of season. Like an evergreen tree stays verdant all year round, so does this content.

For example, an article about Thanksgiving would not be evergreen, as it would only be relevant for about a month every year. There is nothing wrong with posting this seasonal or more specific content – it is an important part of your SEO strategy! But evergreen content can be hugely beneficial in driving traffic and increasing your search engine rankings. Let us explain why.

It boosts your search engine rankings

In order for evergreen content to be effective, it needs to be centered around a keyword. If you’ve chosen the right word or phrase and have optimized it correctly, you should slowly see it climb in the search engine results. The longer a piece of content exists on the internet, and the more people who visit it over time, the better chance it will have of ranking for its optimized keywords. SEO is a long-term process, so a high-quality piece of evergreen content will help you rank for months or even years down the line.

It increases your inbound links

A quality piece of evergreen content should attract the attention of those interested in the same topic. If it is particularly well-written and informative, other sites will hopefully begin linking to it from their pages. This is a huge win for SEO, as Google notes when different sites link back to you. As a result, you’ll build your domain authority and hopefully move higher up in the SERPs. Not to mention the increase in referral traffic from those other websites.

It has long-term value

Instead of writing multiple articles about the latest news or the holiday around the corner, you need to just create one piece of evergreen content. As it starts to rank and bring in traffic, it will work in the background as you improve other areas of your site. You don’t need to keep reinventing the wheel if you have evergreen content that takes off.

It encourages social media shares

People are likely to share something that they think is helpful and informative to their network. Great evergreen content could see increased traffic from social media, especially if it is of high-quality and includes a nice visual aspect.

It can be repurposed

If you have evergreen content that starts ranking, it should show you that you’ve found an important topic that users are searching. Once you know this, don’t just settle for having one blog about it. Repurpose the content into a video, an infographic, an e-book, or even a podcast. Some visitors to your site might prefer reading a blog to get information, while others might prefer watching a video. By diversifying your offerings and finding new ways to communicate a popular topic, you’ll keep visitors coming back.


Evergreen content should be a major aspect of your content marketing strategy. It can boost your SEO, help you reach new customers, and overall build your web traffic. If you aren’t sure how to get started with your SEO, we’d be happy to help here at Got.Media.