Is your business on Twitter? Twitter is a great social media platform to start conversations with your customers and get engaged. Twitter is a robust community where you can build a clear brand image and strengthen relationships with your customers.

Some brands have found a huge boost in sales after committing more effort to Twitter, like Moon Pie  and DiGiorno.

However, sometimes it may seem like you’re tweeting into a vacuum. Because Twitter feeds move so fast, it’s very likely that a well-crafted Tweet could only end up with a few likes and retweets. So, how do you increase your organic reach? Try these tips:

1. Tweet Consistently

If all your tweets go out during the block of time every day, that could be a problem. Scheduling your Tweets via Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, or another platform will allow you to have a presence of Twitter 24/7 instead of just during business hours.

Experiment with more tweets throughout the day and see if you notice a change. After a while, you should find that a certain day or time of day gives you higher engagement.

2. Engage More Than You Broadcast

Tweeting links nonstop without pausing to interact with your audience could turn people off. When you look at top brands on Twitter, you can see that they spent a lot of time replying to incoming tweets and starting conversations.

Instead of seeing Twitter like a lead generation tool, look at it as a way to connect and engage with your audience. Ask questions, respond to complaints, and help customers. You can also jump on trending hashtags and communicate with other brands.

Twitter is about talking to your customers, not at  them.

3. Consider Running Twitter Ads

Yes, this is about organic reach. But running Twitter ads can give a big boost to your overall reach and according to Twitter’s Q4 2017 shareholder’s report, cost per engagement for ads was down 42% year-over-year. On top of that, total ad engagements were up 75% year-over-year. So overall, brands are seeing more engagement for less money.



Try running some ads to see if you can find the right tweets that get audiences to respond. From there, you can refine your voice for organic tweets.

4. Use Twitter Video

You might think of video being at home on Facebook or Instagram. But Twitter is a great place to post videos. According to the site, videos are six times more likely to be Retweeted than photos and three more than GIFs.

You don’t have to have a huge budget to try video. Try turning one of your blog posts into a talking-head video discussing the topic. Share videos of your employees introducing themselves. Take a tour around the audience. Broadcast live at a special meeting or event. The options are endless, and the results are worth it.



5. Re-Share Your Top Tweets

If you posted a tweet that got a lot of engagement, it doesn’t have to die there! Twitter moves fast. So it’s likely that only a fraction of your audience is going to see each tweet. If you have a popular tweet, share it again a few days later, at a different time. This way, you’ll reach people who missed it the first time, without reinventing the wheel.


6. Engage When People Mention You

If people are tweeting at your brand, you need to reply. Like and engage with your audience so you build a community. Look through your mentions, your brand as a hashtag, or just search your brand name within Twitter to see who’s talking. Make sure you respond as appropriate to these tweets.



Try these tricks to reach more people via Twitter, for only a bit more effort. If you need mroe help with your social media strategy, call us for a quote.