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Evergreen content is a blog, video, or white paper that is relevant anytime - regardless of season. Like an evergreen tree stays verdant all year round, so does this content. For example, an article about Thanksgiving would not be evergreen, as it would only be relevant for about a month every year. There is nothing wrong with posting this seasonal or more specific content - it is an important part of your SEO strategy! But evergreen content can be hugely beneficial...

As long as SEO has been around, there have been a "white hat" and"black hat" techniques. White hat SEO is using techniques approved by Google, and doing search engine optimization the "right" way. Black hat SEO is about bending the rules and working around Google for a search engine boost. These rule breaking techniques have always been popular among some, but they are often not worth the effort. If you've considered incorporating these techniques into your SEO strategy - or had an SEO...