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As long as SEO has been around, there have been a "white hat" and"black hat" techniques. White hat SEO is using techniques approved by Google, and doing search engine optimization the "right" way. Black hat SEO is about bending the rules and working around Google for a search engine boost. These rule breaking techniques have always been popular among some, but they are often not worth the effort. If you've considered incorporating these techniques into your SEO strategy - or had an SEO...

SEO is something your business must be doing. It's necessary for competing in the digital world, for every type of business. If your customers are finding you via the internet - Yelp, Facebook, Google search, Google maps, etc - you have to help them get to you. Search Engine Optimization entails a lot of actions. Here, we scratch the surface with 10 basic SEO tips for your small business. No SEO = No visitors from search engines. If you don't put in...