Our Team

Jared Benning

Founder & President

As you young college student, Jared began to dabble with HTML 1 in its infancy and has been working with technology and marketing ever since, over 20 years now. He specializes in technical seo and digital marketing strategies. He enjoy mountain biking and spending time with his family.

Michael Shaffer

Lead Engineer

Michael is our lead engineer here at Got.Media. As a full stack developer he is versed in many languages and has been leading change and growth within the company by staying on top of the cutting edge languages and code compliance.

Thelia Palmer

Project & Social Manager

Thelia leads our social department and manages all of our projects here at Got.Media. She is well rounded person who is able to execute strategies with the customer’s voice and branding in mind.

Catarina Radford Martinez

Project Coordinator

Catarina helps coordinate our projects, manage emails, and keep the whole thing Got.Media engine chugging forward. She is also learning how to provide reports, analytics, and seo strategies and we look forward to her growth within the company.