Use Case: Ambassco SEO



Visibility Increase. This is the increase from existing rankings to rankings at the end of the first seo cycle. There was a 1200% increase in keyword positions.



Keywords Rankings Increase. This is the amount of new keywords appearing in organic search results reported directly from Google.


Top 10

New keywords ranking in the top 10. There was a 300% increase in new keywords ranking in the top 10 and strong gains for dozens of other terms on the second page.

How We Did It

Technical SEO

We spent some time working on the technical side of things from additional improvements to the code, speed, and custom markup. This provided the content in an easy way for google and other search engine bots to correctly identify titles, article content, and flow of the website. Maintaining your technical seo is a key part of staying on top of the rankings!


We managed their back-links, which at this stage in the company were none. Since we did not have to do a complex audit and scrubbing, we spent more time creating back-links. These back-links were two fold, additional traffic and part online promotion. This yielded in additional visibility and traffic which lead to an increase in brand & domain authority.


High quality content is king not just for SEO but better conversions. We worked on creating additional content to support specific keywords and provide context to their specific industry which has little authoritative content on the web. In addition to supportive content, we worked with the client to develop improved content to specifically out rank their competitors and secure the top spots.

Whether its improving on page content or working on off page content, this is a critical portion of seo. From PR/Media Outreach, publishing content and articles, and improving existing content through authoritative means – it all adds up to success.