Use Case: GTM Support at Blazing Speeds


30 Min Turn Time

The clients request was resolved within 30 minutes



Complete accuracy vetted by the client and tools



Client satisfaction is our goal. Communication + Execution = Happy

Use Case, GTM + Turn Around TimeIn our industry, it is hard at times to get fast turn-around times on requests no matter the size of that request. If someone offers same day services, it is usually at the expense of your pocket book. Here at Got.Media we like to do things differently and we offer our enterprise clients fast turn times on their small requests. Here is an example from this week.

Google Tag Manager, or GTM for short, is a great way to manage all those pesky tracking pixels and marketing requests for your website but it is not straight forward on how to craft each tag or trigger. Our clients usually ask us to assist from time to time with making minor edits, adding a new trigger with conditions and such. This week one of our enterprise clients asked us to make an implementation of drift with a custom trigger to ensure that drift does not fire on specific pages and sections of their domain. The request was delivered around 10am, we began work around 11am and we were finished at 1130am. Implemented, tested using GTM Preview, published with comments and the client was notified on our preferred method of communication, slack.

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