Use Case: Local SEO for a Massage Therapist


24 Hour Turn Time

The clients issue was corrected within 24 hours



Increased visibility for the business



Client satisfaction is our goal. Communication + Execution = Happy

Small businesses need help too but obviously do not have big budgets like enterprise or start-ups, instead of leaving them in the dust we adapt and continue to serve all our clients no matter the size. Recently, a small massage therapist in Salt Lake City, Utah was having some issues with their local seo. They had the wrong pictures, address, and their website is old and poorly formatted.

I decided to help them with their local seo and give them a boost. Within 48 hours the following occurred:

  • Their address was corrected in Google maps in less than 24 hours (verified permanent change)
  • Updated photos and information in their listings
  • The photos in a span of one month have generated almost 20k views
  • A review of their business has generated an additional 120+ full reads and multiple interactions
  • New clients have been able to locate the business quicker and easier on Google & Maps
  • An increase in phone calls, clicks to their website, and bottom-line business.

This is just the start of our brand management package for $499. It gets you 12 months of listing management, reputation alerts (feedback), and a monthly posting in addition to optimizing for local seo and boosting the brands appearance in directories and with Google, Apple & other directories. Real results, real tangible digital work that you can see, & no games. Each client is different, some only get a few thousand views of their photos in the first 30 days but one thing that has always been constant is that people find them easier (new and existing clients) and they start to show up in seo SERPs more often too. This is by far the best package for small businesses without any commitments – just one fee (most clients renew it every year).

We offer a no-cost no-obligation initial consultation, give us a call today to schedule your meeting.